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Posted on 07-11-2016

Great news, y'all!  Animal Care Associates is now offering laser therapy.  Therapeutic laser therapy has long been used in human medicine and for treating injuries in expensive racehorses.  Now, it is available for pets at Animal Care!
Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The LiteCure Companion Animal Therapy Laser offers infrared laser light that harmlessly penetrates deep into tissues where the energy is converted into thermal energy.  This allows veterinarians a non-invasive treatment option.
Laser therapy is useful in many situations. Post-surgical application reduces swelling, pain, and healing time at the incision site.  Scarring is also minimized.  At therapeutic doses, laser therapy can treat the pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and other joint diseases, thus eliminating the need for medication.  Dogs with hip dysplasia or geriatic pets suffering from the aches and pains of old age can often be returned to normal activity after a course of laser therapy.  This is an outcome seldom accomplished with medication alone.  Laser therapy can be used to treat chronic otitis, which, as most owners of floppy-eared dogs know, can be very difficult to control or resolve.
Laser therapy is applied at three levels:  aggressive, transitional, and maintenance.  The aggressive phase is similar in effect to taking a double dose of medication.  Treatment would be administered daily or every other day.  Since the effects of laser therapy are cummulative, the aggressive phase usually only lasts a few days.  Some conditions, however, may only require one or two treatments to completely resolve.  Transitional treatment lasts until the disorder resolves or a satisfactory level of healing has been achieved.  The duration of this level depends on the condition being treated, but treatments may be required twice a week.  Maintenance levels are necessary for chronic conditions (such as otitis and hip dysplasia) and are usually administered once weekly.  
Studies indicate that wounds treated with laser therapy heal in roughly half the usual time.  The non-invasive nature of laser energy allows the veterinarian to provide pain relief without having to touch sensitive areas, which means less stress for the pet.  There is so much a laser can do, so be sure and schedule an appointment soon.  The veterinarians at Animal Care will be happy to discuss how this new and exciting technology may benefit your pet!

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